I’ve successfully built and marketed my personal training services using only my website and Google.

The proven strategies I share with you below will boost visitors to your website and help you get more traction in the Google search results.

And best of all, they’re 100% free to do yourself. No paid ads required.

#1 Harness Video Content

People’s attention span is limited. A picture might be worth a thousand words, so a video could be worth millions!

And the best part is that you don’t have to create a visual masterpiece. You can shoot videos on your phone, from home and upload them straight to YouTube.

But before you start rolling…

Make sure you know what you’re trying to say. It might sound obvious, but a good video will really resonate with your intended audience.

And make sure to only cover one point per video. If you cover too much, your message may be lost or forgotten.

Here are my top tips for epic video content:

Shorter is better, ideally under 60 seconds so it can go on Instagram, too
Adjust the angle when editing to keep the viewer’s attention
Write more on the topic in a longer blog post, and add the video to it

#2 Link Power

For Google to know how credible your website is, they rely heavily on how many people are talking about you.

They can gauge this using social media such as Facebook and Instagram, but they mainly do it by looking at how many other websites and blogs are linking to you.

Imagine if you were a celebrity and you had a website. Think about how many newspapers, magazines and other blogs would be mentioning your site and linking to it.

If all those other people are talking about you, you must be worth talking about. That’s how it works in very simple terms.

But there is another important point…

The credibility of the links you get are important. For example, if BBC news mentions you on their site and links to yours, that is more credible than some small village website which links to you.

Unfortunately you can’t just ask BBC to mention you on their site, you have to earn it. And that’s why it’s more powerful.

5 Proven Strategies to Boost Visitors to Your Website

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